Pretoria IT Support

Pretoria IT Support

June 8, 2020

Pretoria IT Support

These IT specialists provide all types of IT support and services in Pretoria. Whether your company needs a new server, a network installation, or help setting up your PC, they can do it all.

They specialize in supporting all types of IT users on many different devices. This include IT support on PC’s, off-site backups, network installations, laptops, monthly maintenance, servers and many more. They are focused and will do whatever it takes to support your company and strive to deliver the best service.

Sherlock IT Services is based in Pretoria and has been helping businesses, as well as individuals, with all their IT needs for many years. The company has a wide network of support teams to offer their clients the best IT support and services. They value their clients and use state of the art equipment with experienced IT specialists in Pretoria to offer the best support.

Network Design

Pretoria IT Support

IT Support Process

These IT specialists have an awfully specific process they follow when taking on a new client. They start by evaluating the client’s needs. The evaluation is based on their network’s size and other factors. They need to know what exactly they are dealing with and create an appropriate strategy to meet their client’s needs. Thereafter, they notify their client. They also send an IT support quotation along with the notification.

Once the quotation has been excepted, the specialists will start with the process of supporting and upgrading their client’s IT network. The clients are informed of an estimated time that it will take to do their specific support and upgrades. They will be notified should there be any delays or unexpected changes. If you would like more information regarding the IT support process feel free to visit how they work on their home page: or contact their friendly help desk: 082 50000 58

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